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Thrifting tips

85% of our home is thrifted, gifted finds. I love mixing old found pieces with new. I get asked a lot how I find such unique items in thrift stores or on Facebook Marketplace. I thought I’d share a few tips I live by! Before we get to that, here’s a few of my favorite areas with thrifted furniture, art, and more:

In our dining room, all of the furniture you see is thrifted. $45 antique dining table, $30 buffet, $500 large arch cabinet, $25 dining chairs set of 4, then I found more resale, so $80 for 8 chairs!

The leather recliner, sofa set are both resale, around $600 for both

One of my favorite finds is this stunning antique door with antique hardware $100 off of Facebook marketplace.

Ok let’s get to the tips. For thrift stores here is what helps me:

1. Go often. Hit your favorite ones once a week!

2. Don’t be in a hurry, take your time.

3. Be intentional on what you are looking for. This helps me not buy things I don’t need.

As for Facebook marketplace tips. This is what helps me:

1. Be specific on what you are looking for, be specific on your search. For example: if I am looking for an ornate gold mirror. I would search antique gold mirror, ornate mirror, Victorian mirror, large frame mirror.

2. Expand your search area, I expand my search 100+ miles out.

3. Change your location to a larger city near you. Try different locations and expand your reach.

4. Watch for spammers! Never give your phone number, communicate only through facebook.

5. Pay in person, in cash. I typically don’t send money before I see the item. If you choose to pay another way do it right in front of person after you’ve seen and loaded the item.

6. Never go alone. Always have someone with you when you are looking/picking up an item.

If you want to read more tips, here’s my publication from Mind Body Green. HERE

Shop art here:

What’s your favorite thrifting find? I have a lot of favorites but I think mine has to be the West Elm large black arch cabinet!

Need a link for something you see? Tap here.

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