Drop cloth curtains/galvanized curtain rod

Ok guys, I found an inexpensive way to add a sleek industrial feel to your home!  I used galvanized pipe to make our curtain rods with no sew painters drop cloths as our curtains.  I did 2 Windows, and our  French doors for around $100!  That’s 6 curtain panels in all!  Here’s what we bought from The Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Galvanized pipe ( comes in 10ft pieces so you get them to cut lengths of your windows) I used 1″ pipe

floor flanges you’ll need 2 for each Windows

galvanized nipple 2 for each window

galvanized elbow 2 for each window. I used 3″

I also chose galvanized over bronze because the galvanized won’t rust over time like the bronze will.  Just FYI.



For our curtain panels I used canvas drop clothes from Walmart.  I bought 6, for my project.  Make sure you wash them a few times before hanging them.  Otherwise, they smell, shed everywhere, and are stiff.


I also bought drapery rings to attach curtains to for installing.


I attached a few pictures so you can see what I bought.  Remember, to wipe pipe off with a good degreaser before installing.

Here’s finished product:



To get the ruffled look, just fold over 12-16″.

And wallah!



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