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Hey guys, I have been getting some requests on budget good quality items to easily update any style kitchen.  Yes, this post is for you if you are building or planning to build your dream kitchen.  I am going to share some affiliate links of products under each section that clients have loved in their space.  This is not a sponsored post, just some gooood finds.

All things flooring  is linked here: (this will include a few budget rug options that are good for a kitchen) speaking of a rug in the kitchen, is this a yes or no for you?  If you are working with a large kitchen area, do not be afraid to mix a little pattern tile with your general floor tile.  Think, insets by your sink that look like a rug.  If you have a foyer or mudroom area you can add the same pattern tile there to tie the two spaces together.

Let’s talk wall/backsplash tile.  We recently renovated our kitchen and removed a run of upper cabinets, so we just took the backsplash tile all the way to the ceiling.  If you would like to see our kitchen transformation, you can see it here.  Here are a few good backsplash options, including a few budget peel and stick options (however, I do not recommend using peel and stick over existing tile backsplash).  If you have drywall, it would be a quick budget friendly fix until you get ready for real tile.   

Faucets are some of my favorite items to shop for, for my clients.  One of the must haves we added to our kitchen is our pot filler.  We wall mounted ours, but I have linked a few that are deck mounted incase that is how your existing is set up.  If you are interested in seeing the pot filler we chose, click here.  Kitchen faucet options are linked here as well:

We went super budget friendly on our cabinet hardware.  There are amazing options out there that are great quality.  I mixed pull styles in ours, I used the traditional round, contemporary bar pull, and I used the acrylic glass look in our kitchen.  For the drawer pulls on either side of our range, I used the accent acrylic pulls.  You can see our kitchen views here on our Instagram feed. Sharing some styles in the links below:

Let’s talk kitchen sinks.  Most of my clients are wanting the apron front sink (farmhouse style) option.  This style is trending right now, but it has been around for ages just like open shelving.  I remember visiting my great Aunt Gena.  She lived in a true farmhouse just down the street from me.  She had open shelving, a cast iron farm sink, and a gorgeous clawfoot tub.  Sharing a few budget sink options apron front and drop in options below:

Lighting is one of the most important items to choose wisely, if not the most important.  You can change the look and feel of the home just by updating the lighting.  Sharing some options to easily replace your “builder grade” kitchen lighting in the links below.  Don’t sweat if your new home comes with the builder grade styles, these options are so affordable and relatively easy to install yourself. Don’t worry, I promise no more “boob lights” 🙂

You can find amazing deals on appliance packages at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot.  Am I missing anything else??  I hope this post is helpful to you guys!  Talk soon!



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